Celine Elias à l'écrit

Celine Elias à l'écrit

Stargate Side Story

Catégorie à part pour quelque chose de vraiment à part. C'est une adaptation - en Anglais - de "West Side Story"...

Stargate Side Story (Vidéos)

A voir dans l'ordre !!!!














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Le texte originel




Lyrics and words by : Elias


Music by : Leonard Bernstein and Sha


Casting for songs and narration


Jack O’Neill is Tony….played by : Sha


Sam Carter is Maria......               : Xeen


Daniel Jackson is Riff...                : Olivier


Teal’c is Bernardo........       :


Janet Fraiser is Anita....               : Fabienne


Nurse is Rosalia...........       : Clem


General Hammond.......       :

Written in green letters, the narrator, General George HAMMOND.


“Post-talker” is played by       : Cae


Casting for videos setting:












Hey everybody! I’m George HAMMOND. I used to be an USAF General in Colorado Springs. Let me tell you how the story began, seven years ago...


Singing :


1 – Intro


Stargate Side Story

It’s the story of nowhere

Stargate Side Story

The story no one could dare


It’s about a fan’s dream

Getting some fairy stuffs

All about a great team

Our brand new spatial ruffs


We wanna see...

We’d like to see...


Somewhere over the rainbow

Stars would fall

From the Jack O’Neill’s shadow

To his Major’s call


And over the worlds away

They could have found their way


We wanna see...

We’d like to see...


Tonight, tonight

It all began tonight

Between two painful hearts

Stars will shine....

Tonight !!!







Major Samuels, go to the Colonel O’Neill’s house, pick him up and bring him back here. I’d like to talk with him about what happened here today!



Yes, sir !


As Samuels goes, all the soldiers still alive in Cheyenne Mountain base stand in the mess hall and sing :



2 - Soldiers song (le chorus final de « Jets song »)


(ALL) (men’s chorus)

Airmen are in gear.
Our bullets are clicking
The Goal'ds'll stay clear
'Cause ev'ry snake alien
's a lousy chicken!

Here come airmen
Like a bat out of hell
Someone gets in our way
Someone don't feel so well.

Here come airmen
Little world, step aside
Better go underground,
Better run, better hide
We're drawing the line,
So keep your faces hidden!

We're hangin' a sign,
Says "visitors forbidden"
And we ain't kiddin'!

Here come airmen,
Yeah! An' we're gonna beat
Ev'ry last buggin' alien
On the whole buggin' Earth!
On the whole ever-mother-lovin' Earth!



A few hours later, Colonel Jack O’Neill stands in General Hammond office. Hammond told him all about the new events around. After a while, Jack is alone in his quarters.





3 – Something’s coming (depuis “something’s coming” après “Open the latch!” jusqu’à la fin)




Something’s coming

Don’t know what

What I mean

I’ll find out

One-track fight


Around the corner

Or whistlin’down a shower

Come on, deliver to me !


Will it be ?

Yes, it will !

Maybe just a frightenin’thrill

What could be ?


Come on, something

I’m here now

I’m waiting

Say it low

Come on to me !

The air is humming

And something here is coming !


Who knows ?

It’s only just out of reach

Down the block, while a speech

Maybe today...

Maybe today...

Maybe today...!




Then, a briefing is given with Hammond, Majors Kawalski, Samuels, Davis and Ferretti, and of course with Colonel O’Neill.




Now that every one is here, I’d like to introduce Captain Sam Carter who’s gonna join the SGC in your team, Colonel O’Neill.



I’m sorry, sir...but I thought that my team was already here...The same that it was last year.



You need someone else, Colonel. A scientist.



Oh, please, don’t do that to me !!! And may I ask you where he comes from ?



Captain Samantha Carter is entering the briefing room.




SHE’s coming from the Pentagon, Sir.




Jesus !!! A woman ! A scientist and a beautiful woman !!! What’s going wrong with me ??? My heart beats strangely...



Well...this Colonel is quite an handsome man...but I guess he doesn’t like both women in the army and scientists ! It’s not fair. I’d better sit down. I can’t feel my legs carrying me any longer.



The day after, Sam is in her new laboratory. Jack is gazing at her, standing at the door.



4- Samantha





The most beautiful name I ever heard :

Samantha, Samantha, Samantha, Samantha...

All the beautiful stuffs of the world in a single word

Samantha, Samantha, Samantha, Samantha...


Samantha !

I’ve just met an angel, Samantha

And suddenly my heart

Is carrying me apart

Of me.


Samantha !

I dream of a kiss by Samantha

And suddenly I’m sure

It’s too much insecure

To be !


Samantha !

I won’t tell anybody my feeling,

I won’t say anything but praying

Samantha !

I’ll never stop dreamin’ Samantha !


The most beautiful name I ever heard :





I remember now all the so innocent things about SG1. They saved our world so many times...Actually, I’m still wondering if they were just lucky or too involved within each others to capitulate. I guessed, once, that the feelings between O’Neill and Carter were more than what they should have to be. But, anyway, SG1 was our best team. And their soldier’s attitude was professional. Anytime. Well, almost...


It was one of their first mission off-world. Thanks to cameras hidden in the showers.



Some soldiers in the base are now like animals. One could bite, another could feel as a monkey. They don’t speak. They are just whispering some noises. Doctor Fraiser thinks that they are under an alien virus. SG1 is the next to be touched.



5- Tonight. (couper avant “(They kiss.Maria goes inside)”)



(SAM, entering the showers while men were still there, and walking straight to Jack with a wild glance)


Only you, you’re the only one I’ll want forever.

In my heart, in my mind and  in ev’rything I do,

No-one else but you.

Ever !


(JACK, amazed but so pleased by Sam’s acts)


Are you sure you’re okay, captain Carter ?

Every step you can make is a danger.




O’Neill, O’Neill...





Watch your steps, I’m not the perfect man for you.

Please, do right, don’t pull me through


(JACK and SAM)


My deep fears are for you and for me.



Sam is kissing him.







Tonight, tonight,

It all began tonight,

I saw you and the rules went away.

Tonight, tonight,

There’s only us tonight,

What you are, what I am, what we say.

Today, I know I am a woman

A love affair could happen

I know it could be right.

For here we are,

And what was just a world is a star

Tonight !


(SAM and JACK)


Tonight, tonight,

The base is full of light,

With witnesses all over the place.

Tonight, tonight,

Our world is wild and bright.

Going mad, shooting Goald’s into space.

Today, the world is just an address.

A place for us to live in,

No better than all right...

But here we are,

And what was just a world is a star

Tonight !



They kiss again. Then Sam catches Jack and put him up on a bench, still kissing him everywhere...And Jack takes Sam to Doctor Fraiser!



I should have guessed, then, that it was just the beginning of a love affair. Many people here around knew something was unsaid between O’Neill and Carter.

Even our Doctor, Janet Fraiser and her staff...



6- SGC (sur l’air de “America”)(du début jusqu’à “Very big deal in America”) in the infirmary...






You lovely Cheyenne...

Mountain of secrets everlasting

Always the by-laws growing,

And the grapevine blowing...





You ugly Cheyenne...

Mountain of secret diseases

Always the glances blowing,

Always the feelings growing...

And the danger owing,

And the nurses running,

And the bullets flying.

I like the island SGC –

Smoke on your pipe and sing with me!


(WOMEN CHORUS) (except Nurse)


I like to be in the SGC!

Okay by me in the SGC!

If nothing free in the SGC

For a love fee in the SGC




I hate the by-laws for officers




Fraternizing is no business for nurses




Being a soldier is a raw deal




But you can hide things you feel!


(WOMEN CHORUS) (Except Nurse)


Aliens we meet in the SGC,

Feeling the

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